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Avant Skincare champion diversity & unity by seeking to redefine inclusive beauty. 

Avant’s logo symbolises the four elements of nature: earth, wind, fire & water. The outer circle represents unity between all living things. This not only nods to their commitment to working with nature, but also to the fact that they are the first Skincare to Share™ brand in the world.

The emblematic fifth element at Avant is a refined fragrance. Quintessence, Avant Skincare’s pioneering fragrance-to-share™, was designed to embody their core principles and philosophy. It is a dreamy holistic element that binds their fundamental values of inclusive beauty.

The language of the Quintessence scent reads like an oriental love story, steeped in heady zest and mystery. Open yourself up to an enchanting chapter which brings sensuality and freedom to your every day.

Our Concept:

What is fragrance-to-Share™ and what does it really mean?

Quintessence is a fragrance which was developed to evoke self-expression and confidence, that is not bound to the gender of the user. 

Avant strive to improve the quality of people’s lives by sharing their expertise and committing to a more clean and holistic way of beauty. They believe beauty should be a source of confidence, not defined by societal expectation and pressures, but by self-care and individual expression. 

This innovative fragrance is a modern classic, seeking to blur the boundaries imposed by gendered scents and instead embrace each individual’s nuances. 

Quintessence embraces diversity and celebrates unity, it is an intoxicating fragrance which summons strong feelings of passion and self-love.

Discover Qunitessence: 

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    A fragrance to share A semi-oriental floral amber fragrance, sweet, warm, with an elegant powdery base harmonised with flowers and a spicy...

 Quintessence has distinctive top notes of elemi, infused with mandarin which blends with the zestiness of orange blossom to bring a vibrant freshness to the top notes. 

At the heart, the uplifting scent reminiscent of warm moonlit walks and Mediterranean nights when Jasmine becomes its most potent. This intoxicating and sophisticated scent begins with the heady florals of Jasmine with an unexpected twist of refreshingly sweet Orris and Plum. 

As for the base notes, earthy and woody Patchouly and Vanilla, Praline, White Musk create the perfect foundation for sultry scent and define and re-affirm a ‘fragrance to share’ suitable for unisex blends. Quintessence: one of the most evocative fragrance, unforgettable for its richness as well as for the mastery of its composition.


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