treat yourself to avant this singles' day

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Singles' Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourself! Not that you need an excuse...

What is Singles' Day?

Think Valentine's Day for one! It's the perfect excuse to treat yourself and celebrate all the joys of single life, whether that be a new purchase or a date night for one. 

How are we celebrating Singles' Day?

At Avant we've decided you need a treat this year more than ever. That's why we're introducing 30% off our entire website for the 11th and 12th of November, so you can celebrate Singles' Day the way you deserve to!

Why not use this discount to check out our three brand new serums!

Flawless Energising & Oxygenating Caffeine 2-1 Face & Eye Serum

A lightweight, dynamic serum that blankets the skin in pure oxygen, providing it with vivid rejuvenation. Fortified with innovative ingredients, this formula protects against environmental pollution and free radical damage, leaving complexion radiant and invigorated.

Pink Orchid Subtle Restoring Overnight Serum

Designed to support the skin during sleep, this overnight serum helps replenish the skin’s essential moisture reserves and lessen dry patches that can make skin look dull, relieving the most common signs of stress and fatigue.

Marvellous Nocturnal Resurfacing Hyaluronic Facial Serum

Designed to address multiple signs of ageing in one powerful yet lightweight formula, this fast-absorbing night serum is inspired by research into skin volume and line-relaxing, aiming to significantly re-establish volume, visibly plumping and re-contouring for visibly firmer skin with increased resilience.


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