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how a good night's sleep changes your life

Written By: Ella Calland

When we fall asleep, our brains wake up. It functions in a way it can’t while we are awake. 

The 24- hour societies of the modern world have caused a rise in disrupted sleep patterns, with people fuelling themselves with caffeine instead of a night of rest. 

Sleep-deprivation depletes us, throwing our internal systems off-balance, weakening our immunity and mental health. 

The Science of Sleep 

Certain neurons come to life while we sleep, electrical signals process the information you were exposed to in the day. 

 Your brain also works to rebalance hormones, enzymes and proteins in your body, whilst flushing out toxins. 

Sleep is the human equivalent of turning your computer off and on, a reboot for your body and mind.

The Power of Sleep 

Getting a solid eight hours of sleep each night is deeply restorative and revitalising. A good night’s rest allows us to function at an optimum level, enhancing brainpower. 

A lack of sleep does not just simply make us tired, it can also have detrimental and long-lasting effects on our physical and mental health.

The importance of sleep is not to be taken lightly, chronic sleep restriction causes major stress on the body. Sleep loss makes us more prone to developing Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and cancer, whilst regular sleep strengthens our immune system and makes us better equipped battling depression and anxiety. 

“We now know that there is a lasting price to pay for sleep loss. We used to think that if you don’t sleep enough, you can sleep more and you’ll be fine tomorrow. We now know if you push the system enough, that’s simply not true.”

- Dr Sigrid Veasey, Leading Sleep Researcher & Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania  

Rearrange your daily routine to prioritise 8-hours of sleep to rebalance, refocus and restore.

How Sleep Affects Your Skin 

It’s scientifically proven, beauty sleep is a real thing. 

A good night’s sleep results in a healthier complexion. Skin cells regenerate while we sleep, boosting collagen production and removing excess fluids. 

A lack of sleep causes the production of stress hormones which can cause inflammation and acne breakouts. 

Sleep loss stops your skin cells replenishing, resulting in the development of wrinkles, sagging and dark circles under the eyes. 

Ensure you get your recommended 8-hours of sleep a night for a radiant complexion.

Our 8-hour Radiance Renewal Sleeping Mask helps reveal more youthful and beautiful skin overnight.

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