How To Build A Nighttime Skincare Routine

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Is a nighttime skincare routine really that important? In short, yes. Since this is the time that your skin shifts into “repair mode”.

There is a little truth when it comes to the whole “beauty sleep” concept: During the night your skin absorbs the nutrients in your products better at night than it does during the day. Your skin is also safe from environmental aggressors such as pollution and UV rays while you sleep. That’s why the most important step to a nighttime skincare routine is cleansing your skin, allowing your skin to breathe and products to penetrate deeper.

Is a nighttime skincare routine really that important?

In short, yes. Since this is the time that your skin shifts into “repair mode”, it’s great to use products that support your skin during this process. While we get our much-needed 8 hours of rest each night, our skin never sleeps. I’m sure we can also all agree it’s nice to have some me-time at the end of a long day. So we recommend lighting your favourite candle and grabbing a glass of your preferred beverage (ours is a glass of red or a camomile tea, depending on which day of the week it is!)

Let’s spend a night together

Step 1: Cleanser

Whether you wear heavy, lightweight, or no makeup at all. The first step in your nighttime skincare routine should always be to cleanse. We recommend using a gentle cleanser that won’t disrupt your skin barrier. For those make-up lovers, going in with micellar water first is a great way to ensure all make-up is successfully removed and creates a clean base for the rest of your products.

Step 2: Toner

A step some people swear by and others dismiss, using a toner after cleansing is a great way to reset your skin. While a toner might have dropped out of your skincare routine, we recommend adding it back in. Reset your skin’s natural pH by using a low-alcohol or alcohol-free toner. Our Proactive Mandelic Acid Restoring & Anti-Pollution Toner aims to gently exfoliate, refresh and stimulate dry and congested complexions.

Unsure if Mandelic Acid is for you? Deemed as one of the best exfoliators for sensitive skin, Mandelic Acid is an unsung hero in the skincare world. While it is not considered new or top secret, we feel this ingredient deserves more attention. Learn more about the benefits of Mandelic Acid here.

Step 3: Serum

This is where skincare can become more adventurous and playful. You can customize your skincare routine and tailor it to your specific skin concerns. Whatever you choose as your nighttime serum, it’s important to introduce one active at a time (especially for those with sensitive skin). This helps to reduce the risk of irritation and gives you a better understanding of what products and actives work best for your skin.

Step 4: Eye Cream

As the skin around your eyes is much thinner than the rest of your body, it’s beneficial to add an eye cream to your routine to provide your skin with a targeted treatment.

Step 5: Night Cream

Now our skin is layered with effective actives, it’s time to lock them all in. While a slightly thick moisturiser is best to use at night, it’s not always for everyone. A thicker formula helps to support your skin’s barrier and ensures you wake up with nourished, glowing skin. Our Dynamic Hydra-Balancing & Firming Pullulan Night Moisturiser works to boost radiance and refresh the complexion overnight. The formula is based on a combination of nourishing core active ingredients that work to penetrate the skin.

Our Dynamic Hydra-Balancing & Firming Pullulan Night Moisturiser can also be found in this year’s Renew & Rejuvenate Beauty Advent Calendar.

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