How To Choose Your Signature Scent

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Join us on a journey to finding your signature scent with The Avant fragrance-to-share™ collection.

The scent of something or someone is intrinsically linked to memory. There is a very special feeling of passing by and catching the subtle hint of a scent you recognise and it immediately taking you to a memory of a person or specific place.

Elevating your day through scent

Choosing your signature scent can be difficult, but the first step is recognising that notes may work differently with your unique body chemistry. Your scent can determine what kind of day your are going to have or what mood you want to set for the day/night ahead. Regardless of what others may think of it, your scent is yours to express and love. "In the course of time, a woman's perfume is a more moving memory than a photograph of her" Guy de Maupassant

Join us on a journey to finding our signature scent with The Avant fragrance-to-share™ collection.

Start with fragrance families

Start by testing fragrances in the same family. Discover what is floral, fresh, woody, etc., and which notes you gravitate towards (this is the easiest way to narrow it down). But remember, you don’t need to find your scent in one day, take your time and allow yourself to enjoy the journey.

Spend time with your scent

Allow your skin to work together with the fragrance before making your decision. We offer a 10ml of each of our perfumes to allow you to try them before your buy. Thanks to our unique skin chemistry, fragrances can settle differently on our skin. What you may have brushed off at the start, can settle onto your skin completely differently, so give it a chance. Allow yourself to spend time with your new scent before passing judgment.

Understand what you are smelling and which notes you like

Musk: It can smell subtle, with a powdery yet almost nothingness smell similar to freshly cleaned laundry

Smoky: It can smell like a campfire burning, fragrant cedar chips, or a blown-out match

Citrusy: Lime, lemon, oranges

Woody: These scents can range from sandalwood, cedarwood, and patchouli

Floral: Floral encompasses everything from white florals (gardenia, lilies, ylang ylang, etc.), to roses, violets, to peonies.

Aquatic: The ocean. Need we say more?

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