How to tweak your skincare routine for autumn

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As autumn approaches, we look at our skincare routines, like our wardrobe, deciding what should protect us against the cold months. If you feel that the changing of seasons is affecting your skin, you may be correct.

The first noticeable thing about the transition in autumn is the drop in temperature. “Cooler temperatures usually bring a drop in humidity,” explains A-List facialist and founder of Skinesis skincare, Sarah Chapman. This can cause the skin to become dehydrated, which can result in damage to the skin natural barrier, leading to even more moisture loss and sensitivity.


Despite the weather change having a bigger impact on your skin than expected, it's not to fear. We've put together a list of simple measures you can incorporate into your skincare routine to help keep your summery glow and protect your skin against the harsh weather.


It's time to introduce oils


During the colder months, your skin can become flakier and drier due to constantly switching temperatures. The colder months are the perfect time to introduce oils into your skincare routine. These will not only hydrate skin in the short term but will also help your skin improve moisture retention over time. We recommend our Power E Jojoba Facial Drop Treatment, to intensely hydrate and firm skin.

  • Power E Jojoba Facial Drop Treatment


Signs of ageing? Time to bring back retinoids


Retinoids and retinol have long been considered the gold standard for reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As Harvard highlights, they stimulate the production of collagen, which is the most present protein in the skin and helps maintain a smooth skin texture per Cleaveland Clinic. Our Hi-Retinol Restoring and Lifting Serum combines signature ingredients including Retinol and Niacinamide, commonly known as Vitamin B3.

  • Hi-Retinol Restoring and Lifting Serum


Don't forget Vitamin C


To maintain your summer glow, don't skip vitamin C in your skincare routine. Vitamin C will help to brighten skin, whilst stimulating collagen production. As the National Library of Medicine mentions, it's used to help hyperpigmentation, tissue inflammation and photoaging. To help maintain that summer glow, a current favourite in the office is the Vitamin C Hydro-Lock Night Reset Mask, allowing you to wake up with radiant and dewy skin.

  • Vitamin C Hydro-Lock Night Reset Mask


Don’t ditch SPF


Whilst it may be easy to assume, no hot weather, and no need for SPF, unfortunately, that’s far from true. The sun’s UV rays are just as harmful, and can also penetrate through windows. Whether rain or shine, it's vital to keep applying SPF to your face and not forget the neck and other exposed parts of your skin. For the colder months, a day cream may be more to your taste than a high-factor sun cream. For a cream that not only moisturises but also has SPF 20, our Ceramides Soothing & Protective Day Cream is ideal. 

Applying the products is one thing, but they need to be able to penetrate your skin for the full effect. If you're curious about how exfoliating can help with this, you can read our article on Exfoliating for your skin type.


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