Introducing our NEW Fragrance-To-Share™ Collection

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Avant Skincare is pioneering fragrance-to-share™. We champion diversity & unity by seeking to redefine inclusive beauty. 

The four elements of nature, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, take various forms both geographically through space and chronologically through time, are included in the circle of the Avant logo’s favicon, in harmony. Respect for people, traditions and for the environment are values Avant Skincare hold dear.

Now, Avant Skincare are delighted to introduce their fifth element and the last step of your beauty regime: Fragrance. Also known as the complimentary element, a component that fosters assertive self-expression, to help everyone develop a positive relationship with their beauty regime and realise their full potential.

Avant Skincare is pioneering fragrance-to-share™. We champion diversity & unity by seeking to redefine inclusive beauty. Our four new fragrances are modern classics, seeking to blur the boundaries imposed by gendered scents and instead embrace each individual’s nuances.

Persian Sunset

Persian Sunset demonstrates the perfect harnessing of exotic elegance. It would be impossible not to feel the sun on your skin and the sand between your toes when spritzing this delightfully warming fragrance. Its alluring orange colour represents that of the most gorgeous sunset.

Caramel and everlasting flower come together to create the luxurious heart of Persian Sunset. You can almost feel the most gorgeous silk glide along your skin as you spritz it, the perfect balance of sweet and floral richness.


A deep fruity fragrance with a hint of spice, a spritz of Ambuscade feels right all year round. In the warm summer, it is the first sip of the coolest berry cocktail touching your lips. In the cold winter, it is the warmest spiced concoction by the fire. Its rich red colour represents strength and passion.

At its heart, you will be captured by the unique wild raspberry scent, reminiscent of those found on long walks through the forest. Combined with nutmeg, this adds a gorgeous woody feel to Ambuscade.


Caress is a fragrance of synaesthesia, its scent evokes the sensuality of a gentle touch. It combines the fresh luxury of orchid with the comfort of high quality cashmere gliding over the skin. Its pale pink colour resembles that of fresh sheets and early sunrises.

Orchids represent love, beauty and strength, hence why you will find them at the heart of this fragrance. Their fragrance is combined with mellow hints of vanilla to create this unique scent.

Pure Emerald

One spritz of Pure Emerald will transport you exactly where you want to go. It is a deep shade of green, linking the world of nature to that of luxury. Whether your idea of heaven is a secluded glade bejewelled with wildflowers or the sweetest cotton candy cloud at the seaside, this fragrance will take you there.

Grounding the fragrance in its base notes are woodier notes like patchouli, musk and cedar, all of which come together to bring an element of warmth to this well-rounded fragrance.


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