What Is Double Cleansing And Is It Necessary?

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It’s time to come clean. A gentle cleanser is how any effective skincare routine starts but what about the “double cleansing” technique.

It’s time to come clean. A gentle cleanser is how any effective skincare routine starts but what about the “double cleansing” technique. It may sound like an attempt to get us to buy two cleansers but there are real skin health benefits to this method, which is why it is so often spoken about. Having a cleanser is a staple for any skincare routine, but is double cleansing right for you. This can all depend on your skin type and how much makeup you wear on a daily basis. Read on to learn if double cleansing is right for you and if so, how to use this technique the right way.

What Is Double Cleansing?

The double cleansing method originated from Japan & South Korea before making its way over to Europe and North America. It simply involves using two different cleansers one after the other. 

The first cleanse is designed to remove any pollution, makeup and SPF leftover from the day. This is an essential step in your nighttime routine, as if left overnight the molecules of pollution, makeup and SPF can cause sensitivity, redness as well as accelerating premature ageing. The type of cleanser used for this step can vary, depending on your skin's preference. The most common practice is to cleanse your face first with an oil-based cleanser,  cleansing balm or micellar water.

Oil-based cleansers are very well skilled at dissolving all types of makeup, dirt and SPF, some would say more thoroughly. This is why it is the preferred choice.

The second cleanse is then used to target your specific skin concerns (oily, blemish-prone, dullness etc). Most often this is a gel-based cleanser but can also be a lotion cleanser or water-based cleanser.

Should I Double Cleanse?

The idea behind double cleansing is to first remove your makeup and SPF, to clear the way for your regular cleanser. It allows for a more thorough cleanse, opposed to your cleanser trying to work its way through the layers of makeup and dirt.

While most cleansers now are designed to easily break through and remove makeup, dirt, and pollutants in one cleanse, double cleansing provides that assurance that everything has been removed and leaves a clean and more effective base for your remaining leave on skincare products, without blocking them from working properly. If you wear heavy makeup or a mineral-based SPF this may be an effective method for you to try.

Double cleansing is also great for those with a more oily complexion. If you are finding that your regular cleanser doesn't remove excess oil, using two cleansers can help to regulate this.

How To Double Cleanse

If this journal entry has intrigued you and you have decided that double cleansing is right for you, follow these steps.

  • Apply a Micellar Water on a moist cotton pad and gentle sweep over your face, neck and eyes (remember not to rub around the eyes!).

  • Rinse gently with lukewarm water

  • Apply a cleansing gel using your fingertips directly to damp skin. Massage into the skin in a circular motion.

  • Rinse well and pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

  • Apply the next step in your skincare routine. You now have a clean base for your next product.

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