Seasonal Skincare: How To Transition You Skincare Routine From Summer To Autumn

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Can you believe that it’s that time of year again? While we are organising our summer clothes into storage and starting to curate our autumn wardrobe, it’s important to remember to transition your skincare as well.

Can you believe that it’s that time of year again? While we are organising our summer clothes into storage and starting to curate our autumn wardrobe, it’s important to remember to transition your skincare as well. With every new beginning, a re-organisation of routine is needed. Here are some of our top tips to take your skincare routine to the next level.

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It’s Time To Exfoliate And Slough Off Those Dead Skin Cells

As the warm summer days come to an end and crisp, cold mornings arrive, exfoliating is a great way to buff away dry skin that can occur due to the dip in temperature. Exfoliants not only slough away dead skin cells but also help to increase collagen production. While exfoliation should be a part of your skincare routine all year round, it’s important to be aware of how often you are exfoliating during the colder months. In summer our skin needs to be exfoliated more as with the heat and humidity we can experience a heavier build-up. We recommend ensuring you do not over-exfoliate your skin during autumn and winter as our skin loses more moisture in low-humidity environments, and over-exfoliation of already dry skin can result in irritation. Our Proactive Mandelic Acid Restoring & Anti-Pollution Toner is a great gentle exfoliator to use in the harsher months.

As damaging your skin’s barrier is not an uncommon problem, we have written a guide on how to restore and maintain your skin's natural barrier.


Layer Up

One of the most important layers during cold months is a nice cosy jumper, see your serum as a jumper. Colder months call for extra layers. Packed with active ingredients, serums can treat a plethora of skin concerns. As the temperature reduces, moisture from the skin can reduce. That’s why it’s important to add an extra layer of hydration to your skincare routine.

When layering skincare, as a general rule you should apply your products based on their viscosity i.e, from thinnest to thickest. 


Autumn is the ideal time to introduce retinol into your skincare, if you haven’t already. This skincare ingredient helps to build collagen, fight blemishes, fade dark spots and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It really is a superstar ingredient that you should consider. As it is a derivative of Vitamin A, it has been converted into a retinoic acid. Therefore, it is important to avoid using acids and retinol at the same time. This doesn’t mean you have to throw away your products, but acids and retinol should be used on alternative days.

As a retinol beginner, we recommend introducing it into your skincare slowly and sparingly.

Here are some ingredients that retinol works great with:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Ceramides
  • Niacinamide 
  • Glycerin

It is important to use Retinol with moisturising ingredients, such as Hylauronic Acid. We recommend using our Hi-Retinol Restoring and Lifting Serum + ​​Marvellous Nocturnal Resurfacing Hyaluronic Facial Serum together.

Try A Thicker Cream

It’s time to add some moisture back into your skin to keep it replenished all autumn long. During this time our skin can lack hydration, which can result in our skin barrier being compromised, which causes dryness and irritation. We love to use a thick moisturiser with essential fatty acids to hydrate and plump our skin. 

Our ​​Ceramides Soothing & Protective Day Cream SPF 20 aims to form a protective layer that helps plump skin and hold moisture. SPF is a key step in your skincare routine all year round.

Supplements - Wellness Within

Our skin is extremely prone to dryness during the Autumn and Winter months, resulting in a dull complexion. Taking Vitamin C is not only great for your immune system but also helps to keep your skin looking brighter and more radiant. A lack of hydration can also disrupt the skin’s natural collagen production. Ultra Marine Collagen Hair Nail and Skin Beauty Complex is a very effective way of helping to support your skin and hair from the inside out. Learn more about how supplements can improve your overall health.

Marine Collagen aims to repair skin collagen and elastin protein fibers and produce a significant thickening of the outer skin surface. Further benefits include decreased wrinkles, improved skin hydration and firmness.

Including Vitamin C in your diet can help the body produce collagen. As an antioxidant, it helps remove unwanted substances known as reactive oxidative species (ROS) from the body. It also helps the body absorb iron and boost the immune system. 

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