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Elevate Your Skincare Routine with Avant Hand & Body Collection. Indulge in the must-have Avant Hand & Body collection, a perfect addition to your skincare routine and your handbag. This exquisite collection offers lightweight textures that effortlessly penetrate deep into the skin, leaving your hands and body fully nourished, replenished, and repaired...

While we often prioritize our face and neck when it comes to skincare, it's essential not to overlook our hands and body. Regularly applying an effective hand cream is crucial to maintain youthful-looking hands that feel soft and supple.

Our hands endure significant stress throughout the day, necessitating specialized formulations that nourish and protect the skin. Avant's hand creams are designed to provide the care and attention your hands deserve, repairing damage and restoring their vitality.

In addition to a dedicated hand cream, incorporating a body cream into your routine is equally important. After bathing or showering, our skin loses important oils and nutrients during the cleansing process. Body creams play a vital role in treating and preventing dry, cracked skin while keeping it supple and moisturized. They create a protective barrier that offers intense hydration, particularly during the winter months.

Avant Hand & Body collection is your ultimate solution for comprehensive skincare. Experience the transformative effects of these products and embrace radiant, healthy-looking hands and body.

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Perfecting Skin Renewal Foot Scrub

£49.00 Save £35.00

Hand Nail & Cuticle Anti-Ageing Cream


Sumptuous Glycolic Acid Hand Balm


Instant Pro-Lux Hand Exfoliator


Rose Isparta Cleansing Bar


Persian Sunset Collection


Ambuscade Collection


Caress Collection


Pure Emerald Collection


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