Buy now and pay later with flexible monthly payments

With FuturePay, apply once and use
often for Avant purchases

Unlike installment loan option, you only need to apply (and incure a credit check) once. After that, unlimited purchases up to your credit limit can be made on the Avant site, or any other page accepting FuturePay.


Put in on MyTab™️

Applying for a MyTab™️ account takes seconds, and you can use it to purchase cosmetics, sale items, and special gifts on your list.


No hidden fees

Pay your bill in full at the end of each month or carry a balance into the next month. Our flat finance charge od $1.50 per $50 of carried balance makes it easy to keep track.


Flexible monthly payments

You won’t be locked into rigid monthly payments. With minimum monthly payments as low as $25/month you can pay over time or pay your MyTab™️ account in full.


Go Credit Card Free

Shop online without needing to pull out your wallet or enter long credit card numbers. And MyTab™️ is 100% private and perfect for gifts. Purchases won’t show up on shared credit card statements.

And select FuturePay at checkout


What is FuturePay and why should I join?

Are there any financing costs?

How can I apply for FuturePay?

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