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The Avant lip care collection is designed to replenish, restore and hydrate whilst aiming to nourish, repair and protect, dry, sensitive, chapped lips....

Including effective lip care products in your routine can help to not only improve the overall feel and appearance of your lips but also the delicate skin around the lips that can be prone to fine lines as we age.

Lips should be gently exfoliated twice a week using a lip scrub. This can then be followed by a lip serum and all nutrients should then be sealed in using a slightly thicker balm. Additionally, once or twice a week a lip treatment oil or mask should be worn at night to help the delicate area restore overnight.

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Antiarrugas con colágeno para labios


Exfoliante Labial de Rosa y Azúcar Velvet Perfecting

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Hyaly Bálsamo labial


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